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Michael John Smith
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    • Researcher with PhD (Investigador Doutorado)
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    PhD (Doutoramento)

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    Full Professor (Professor Catedrático) at Escola de Ciências da Universidade do Minho

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    Michael J Smith is an electrochemist with a particular interest in battery chemistry. He completed his secondary school education at Madras College and attended St Andrews University, graduating with a BSc honours degree in Chemistry in 1978. He continued studies at the University of St Andrews, with a University

    Court scholarship, completing a PhD in Solid State Electrode Materials in 1982. After a period of post-doctoral research on solid polymer electrolytes he moved to the University of Minho in the north of Portugal where he was employed as a post-doctoral research fellow financed by the Royal Society. In 1984 he was admitted to the teaching staff of the Department of Chemistry, as an assistant lecturer. He has continued his career at the University of Minho with promotion to senior lecturer and, after being awarded the "agregação" degree in 2003, as professor of Physical Chemistry.

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    Lançamento do Projeto Res2ValHUM
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