ABC – Applied Biomolecular Chemistry

The Applied Biomolecular Chemistry (ABC) research group is involved in a variety of projects that are linked by the use of biomolecules as targets or as tools for novel applications. The members of this group have different scientific backgrounds but all have a common foundation in the domain of Chemistry that permits them to contribute to interdisciplinary projects. These projects are carried out in collaboration with partners from other research centres, in Portugal and abroad.


The research interests of ABC group are:

  • Development of new methods and new intermediates for peptide synthesis and their application in the production of peptides, peptide analogues and peptidomimetics
  • Preparation of metal complexes for medical imaging.
  • Development of new supramolecular hydrogels based on low molecular weight peptides
  • Preparation and purification of biomolecules for therapeutic applications.

Paula Margarida Ferreira

Paula Margarida Ferreira



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Workshop avançado no âmbito do Projeto RES2VALHUM
Workshop avançado no âmbito do Projeto RES2VALHUM
No âmbito do projeto Res2ValHum “Valorização de resíduos orgânicos: produção de substâncias húmicas” decorreu nos dias 19, 20 e 21 de junho, o workshop avançado: Especiação termodinâmica de metais no meio ambiente, dinamizado pelo...

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