Nuclear Magnetic Ressonance (NMR)

The NMR service is provided by two instruments (300 MHz Varian Unity Plus and a 400 MHz Bruker Avance II (this instrument is integrated in the national RMN network*)) that permit a range of various mono- and bidimensional experiments to be carried out. High resolution monodimensional spectra may be obtained with 1H and 13C with all the usual variations of these techniques (for example: NOE, DEPT). The bidimensional service is optimized for COST, NOESY and for 1H/13C correlation spectra (HMQC and HMBC).
The cost of analysis depends on the duration of use of the equipment:

Type of Analysis

Cost for Public Research Centres

Cost for Business and Private Research Centres

Proton spectra

2,00 €

4,00 €

Per hour of daytime use

2,40 €

24,00 €

per hour of overnight use

1,20 €

12,00 €

One night

30,00 €

90,00 €

To carry out the various types of NMR experiments a sample of between 5 and 20 mg should be submitted. The cost of analysis includes a supplement that corresponds to the cost of deuterated solvent. Further information regarding preliminary studies of samples, conditions for the preparation and submission of samples or details of characterisation should be solicited from Elisa Pinto or Professor Maria João Queiroz (representant in the University of Minho of the national RMN network). The exact cost of analysis and probable date of completion will be indicated after the conditions of characterisation are established. All samples must be accompanied by an <analysis request form> downloaded from this page.

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