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Apart from the specific equipment available for chemical analysis, the laboratories of the Centre are equipped with various instruments acquired through the Programa Nacional de Re-equipamento Científico (PNRC, FCT, projects REEQ/1032/QUI/2005 and REEQ/630/QUI/2005) and financed through the POCI 2010 program with participation from the European Community (FEDER). In accordance with the conditions stipulated by the Programa Nacional de Requipamento these instruments must be made available to the national scientific community. Researchers interested in using these facilities should contact Drª Elisa Pinto to establish the conditions of access. These conditions are agreed on a case-by-case basis. The following list itemises the equipment that is available to researchers:

. Cooled benchtop centrifuge, Hermle Z36 HK
Rotors for 2, 15, 50 and 250ml tubos with maximum RCF of 2830 to 42036g.

. Laboratory scale fermentator, B. Braun Biostat A
Vessel of 2 Litros with thermostatable sleeve and pH, Temperature, oxygen, level and antifrothing detectors.

Orbital incubador, INFORS Minitron AI72
Orbital diameter of 25 mm  and capacity for 25 flasks of 250 ml or 6 de 2 L.

. Spectrophotometer Varian Cary 50
Xenon lamp with reading interval between 190-1100 nm maximum scanning speed of 24000nm/min. Microplate reading accessories for plates up to 384 wells with Peltier temperature controller are available.

Spectrofluorimeter Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluormax 4
Xenon lamp with excitation range between 200-950 nm and an emission range in the same interval. The wavelength precision is ±0,5nm and the noise-to-signal ratio is 11000 (Raman band of water with excitation at 350nm). The accessories available include a microplate reading device for plates up to 384 wells with Peltier temperature controller and an automatic polarizer and support for solid samples.

Micro-wave digestion oven, (CEM, model Mars) for sample digestion, extraction and synthesis, equipped with temperature and pressure sensors. The equipment is complete with various reaction vessels for experiments at high temperatures (up to 300ºC) and pressures (up to 800 psi). Accessories are also available that permit synthesis under conditions of atmospheric pressure.

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